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Introducing New Updates on | STATS for Enhanced Football Analysis

Our dedication to continuously improving our user experiences and delivering the utmost quality in services remains steadfast. In line with this dedication, we are pleased to introduce two new features that are set to enhance your football analytics experience on | STATS.

Firstly, we’re introducing percentiles. We understand that comprehending player performance is essential, therefore we’ve taken a step further to make it more intuitive and insightful than ever before. Additionally, we’ve enhanced our download feature, making it easier for you to access and utilise teams’ xT data. This enhancement provides a comprehensive view of team strategies and dynamics through the lens of xT.

What Are Percentiles and Where Can You Find Them?

Percentiles are the latest update that can be located exclusively within the “Advanced Stats” section of “Player Profiles.” This new feature allows users to access player ranking systems based on percentiles which are conveniently represented by blue bars. These bars showcase a player’s rank in comparison to all other players in the league on several advanced metrics. 

For instance, below, you may see how the new feature is visualised on To provide a clearer understanding on how to interpret and understand this new feature, if you examine the “Expected Threat” metric, you will encounter a blue bar alongside numbers. The first number (on the left) represents the total or P90 value for the associated metric for the given player’s season, while the second one (in parenthesis to the right) represents his percentile in the league (rounded up to the closest whole digit). In this case, the relative Expected Threat value of 2.96 positions the player (Piotr Zielinski in this example) in the top 95th percentile of the league for this metric. In a more simplified manner, the fuller the bar, the higher the player’s ranking in that specific metric compared to his peers in the league. Moreover, this type of contextualization is key for insights on a single player, but serves effectively also as a comparison tool.

Additionally, it is important to note that the metrics displayed in the advanced stats section are set by default on the last season, however, it’s also possible to aggregate multiple seasons and toggle overall and P90 stats.

Start exploring players percentiles and enhance your analysis thanks to intuitive and effective player analysis tools!

Introducing Enhanced xT Data Access

On another note, as part of Soccerment’s ongoing efforts to enhance users’ experiences on, we are excited to fulfil a significant request from our community.

We have developed the option to access “Expected Threat” (xT) data in a more refined manner within Team Statistics. This data has been thoughtfully categorised into two sections: “xT from Carries” and “xT from Passes.”

This enhancement equips users with the ability to delve deeper into their analysis of Expected Threat data. Additionally, it provides a unique opportunity to contextualise the specific actions that have contributed to the generation of xT. This distinction recognizes the diverse skills associated with ball progression and ball carrying.

Final Remarks

Thank you for being a valued part of our Soccerment community. We’re committed to your success and look forward to continuously enhancing your experience.

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