Tracking, analysing and quantifying football performances, through cutting edge technology.

We strongly believe that a higher objectivity applied to the Beautiful Game would facilitate the discovery and the improvement of talents

Software tools

Smart data visualisation and machine learning algorithms to analyse and compare football players and teams

Smart wearables

Innovative devices, fully monitoring football performances, helping the players to reach their potential

Consulting services

Rigorous and quantitative approach, to better evaluate the football players’ fair economic values and their potential appreciation

Analyse and compare
every player of the
top European leagues

  • Easy players comparison
  • Intuitive data visualisation
  • Stats updated after every match
  • Large (and growing!) database

Thematic posts
and specific
research reports

Research is at the very core of our mission.

We love to uncover counterintuitive facts and trends, through data and video analysis, in the most unbiased and objective way.

We then enjoy sharing the acquired know-how and use it a means to stimulate a constructive debate about the Beautiful Game.