The power of data science applied to football


Lack of Data

Data scarcity for around 300 million people playing football outside of the elite world – non-elite, semi professional and youth leagues – of which 60 million registered in official federations.


In Elite Football there is a lot of data. However, most of the clubs lack the internal know-how to extract intelligence from their datasets.

Innovation Gap

The absence of data in specific areas of the football context and the high level of football intelligence in others, generates an innovation gap influencing many aspects of the “Football Evolution” (culture, talent development, financial awareness…)


Make sport emotionally objective for all athletes

Why is this a revolution?

1. Improve Meritocracy.

2. Athlete, club and federation performance improvements.

3. Improve visibility for all football athletes and club financial awareness.

4. Evolve the culture of sport through inclusivity and equality.

5. Have fun

Our role

Pioneering the revolution of sport, starting from football.


Bridging the gap between
Science and football. Accelerating the adoption of data analytics in football. We develop innovative, scalable, data driven solutions, grounded on our science and research DNA.

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