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Smart Shinguards by Soccerment Football Wearable

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"Soccer is not a science, but science can improve the level of soccer"
Jens Bangsbo
Sport Science Professor at University of Copenhagen

Our Smart Shin Guards are here to give you total control on the way you play football.

Not only from an athletic point of view: GPS dedicated to football already do that. Measure accelerations, agility, speed, direction changes, sprintability and so on, it's routine for our wearable .

Which, unlike any other device, allows you to dramaticly improve in quality because it correlates the physical intensity of your workouts or games with your technical skills: yes, because Smart Shinguards identify, record and evaluate also each one of your shots, passes, launches, crosses.

Take the leap in quality: improve your game with a new 360 degrees vision on what you do - or could do - on the green rectangle.

Start with initial objective feedback

Objectively analyze how much and how you move in the pitch and the quantity and quality of your interactions with the ball.

Find your improvement areas

Is the intensity of your technical and athletic loads, in trainings or matches, adequate? Are you subject to injuries? Do you need to improve your weak foot?

Work and improve them all

Analyse the app's objective feedback and the personalised indications of your Virtual Coach, and go to the next level!

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"Our innovation is in the measurement also of the technical events - impossible with the current GPS devices - providing in-depth information regarding talent development"
Matteo Zago
Soccerment's Head of Research & Development


Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our smart shinguards automatically identify and analyse all your football actions, with particular attention on your technical skills: passes, shots, runs, accelerations, changes of direction and much more.


Premium materials + strong efforts on mechanical engineering = guarantee that your shins will be protected like never before.


Compare your performances to your teammates, as well as to the PROs!

Quickly improve your football skills and reach 100% of your potential with the Smart Shinguards by Soccerment.

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A unique system, able to identify and record all your technical events:

Quality of your crosses

What's the gap between you and Beckham?

Number and direction of your passes

Are you the new Pirlo?

Power of your shots

Can you overcome Zlatan's 149.7 km/h ?

how many touches with each foot

Do you have Hazard's ductility?

...and many others. Find out what you still don't know about your technical skills and learn how to improve them all, one by one, with the objective feedback provided by the data and the tips from your personal virtual coach.

Bring out the Pro in you

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In the meantime, prepare to play like a Pro.

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In Soccerment we thought that in order to make you the best, we had to offer you the best that can be found on the technology market today.

And so it is: the most advanced technologies of tracking and football analytics
are all in our Smart Shin Guards.

That will remember - one by one - each of your actions on the green rectangle, then analyze it and give you the advices you need to outclass teammates and opponents.

Gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer

The most precise sensors to not miss even one of your progressions or geometries on the field

Intuitive Data Visualization

All your performance stats available at a glance: forget complex data to interpret, we provide simple, actionable information

Smart Shinguards by Soccerment Football Wearable

GPS Antenna

To always know where you lay on the field, the km you run and your usual positions

Machine Learning Algorithms

Artificial intelligence developed specifically to give you personalized advice based on your skills and improvements


Guarantees a fast and secure transmission of data

iOS & Android App

No matter which tablet or smartphone you have: our app is there with you

Do you want to wear the best football technology available?

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Our Smart Shinguards have been the protagonists of the most prestigious international events dedicated to start-ups, technology and innovation:


Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of data analytics by non-professional teams and footballers, thus increasing meritocracy in football.

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Your destiny is in your hands:
ACTUALLY... in your feet!

Our Smart Shin Guards will be your most loyal Coaches, on and off the pitch, and will help you take the right steps towards your personal glory.

Whether it's a local tournament or a Premier League game, it doesn't matter: they will always be there with you.

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