Soccerment is Official Data Partner of Soccerex Miami 2023

Soccerment is excited to announce its partnership as the official Data Analytics Partners for Soccerex Miami. Through this partnership, Soccerment will showcase its AI solutions to a global audience, while attendees will gain exclusive access to the platform, offering unparalleled insights into football performance data. Moreover, after having participated in a series of noteworthy events, now we are awaiting to meet you all this November at Soccerex Miami.

As a provider of data analytics solutions in the sports industry, we are proud to announce our partnership as the official Data Analytics Partners for Soccerex Miami. 

Soccerex, is the first football business arena that hosts large-scale physical events around the world, providing incomparable networking opportunities, sharing thought leadership and insight, broadcasting digital events to over 100 countries, and ensuring an unrivaled platform to connect clients to the games key stakeholders.

As the official Data Analyst Partner, Soccerment will collaborate with Soccerex to enhance data analytics capabilities and provide valuable insights to clubs, professional athletes, and soccer data analysts. With its advanced proprietary metrics, cutting-edge data visualizations, and comprehensive set of statistics, Soccerment’s | STATS platform promises to be an essential tool for football professionals worldwide.

Through this partnership, Soccerment’s will have the opportunity to showcase its industry-leading data analytics solutions will be showcased to a global audience of football professionals at Soccerex’s events and digital broadcasts. Meanwhile, attendees of the event will have exclusive access to Soccerment’s | STATS platform, providing them with unparalleled depth of insight into football performance data.

During the event, Soccerment will host a panel discussing the increasing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in football analytics. This panel will highlight how Soccerment’s | STATS platform’s use of AI is at the forefront of this technological shift.

Soccerment is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of data analytics in football, and this partnership serves as an outstanding platform to showcase Soccerment as an industry-leading data analytics solution. This collaboration between Soccerment and Soccerex aims to drive innovation and excellence in the world’s most beloved sport.

Noteworthy Achievements: A Recap of the Events Attended

As a company committed to revolutionizing the world of soccer through data intelligence, Soccerment has actively participated in industry-leading events, forged strategic alliances, and made significant strides in advancing our solutions.

One of the events we attended, back in the beginning of October of 2022, was the Social Football Summit in Rome. We had the privilege to showcase ourselves in the football setting and connect with industry experts, innovators, and decision-makers. 

Soon after we participated in the World Football Summit held in Sevilla. This global event provided an ideal platform for us to exchange ideas, showcase our data intelligence advancements, and establish strategic partnerships within the soccer industry. Additionally, we also had the opportunity to attend Web Summit in Lisbon, where we showcased XSEED, our smart wearable technology.

As the year came to a close, we kicked off 2023 with a strong presence at CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show held in Las Vegas. This prestigious event allowed us to demonstrate the capabilities of our soccer smart wearables, XSEED, and our Advanced Analytics platform. By showcasing our pioneering solutions alongside innovative technologies and industry leaders, we highlighted the immense potential of data-driven decision-making in soccer.

In the following weeks we found ourselves at another event with a strong focus on connecting with coaches and professionals involved in the soccer ecosystem. We participated in the United Soccer Coaches Association conference in Philadelphia. This convention solidified our goal of soon distributing XSEED in the USA and reinforced our commitment to providing coaches with our wearable technology and advanced analytics platform.

Finally, Soccerment further expanded its presence in the academic realm by attending the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston. This highly regarded conference, renowned for its technology and data science in sports industries, provided us with a valuable platform to collaborate with leading minds in the field. During this event, our team had the honor of being selected as finalists in the startup competition, offering us a remarkable opportunity to present our soccer data intelligence solutions. We were thrilled to showcase our Advanced Analytics platform and XSEED, alongside some of the brightest leaders, researchers, and industry experts in sports, data science, technology, and business.

Reflecting on these meaningful collaborations and events, we are looking forward to meeting you all in Miami in November 2023 at Soccerex Miami as the official Data Analytics Partners. 







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