Soccerment is the Official Main SportsTech Partner for the CEE Cup of 2023

Soccerment is the official Main SportsTech Partner for the CEE Cup. Through this partnership, Soccerment showcased XSEED, through a Pilot Project that took place with two participating teams, AC Sparta Prague and West Ham United F.C.

As a provider of advanced wearable technologies in the world of soccer, we are pleased to announce our partnership with the prestigious CEE Cup and our pilot project with AC Sparta Prague and West Ham United F.C.

The CEE Cup, which stands for the Central & Eastern European Youth Football Tournament, is an annual invitational under-19 football tournament, which takes place in the Czech Republic. This tournament serves as a platform for young players to showcase their skills and compete at a high level, making it a significant event in the youth football world. In addition, several high-profile partners will be participating in this event, including industry leaders such as Adidas and Ford, alongside One Football.  Within this collaborative framework, each participant brings unique strengths. Soccerment, in particular, has contributed its technological expertise and data-driven approach, emphasising the distinctive capabilities and innovative solutions of XSEED in the football domain.

This partnership presents a unique opportunity as the CEE Cup has been instrumental in the development of numerous well-known professional players. For instance, Anthony Gordon, who participated in the CEE Cup five and a half years ago, now plays in both English and international football leagues. Another player, Adam Hložek, showcased his talent in the tournament and was recognized as a player worthy of any top-tier team and now plays for Bayer Leverkusen. Jakub Jankto, Tomáš Souček, Antonio Marin, Alex Kral, Ermedin Demirovic,  Joshua Zirkzee these are just a few examples of the many players who have emerged from the CEE Cup and gained recognition for their exceptional talent and skills. Thus, this collaboration provides Soccerment with the opportunity to work with young and talented players who have great potential and area of growth.

On the other hand, undertaking the pilot project in close collaboration with esteemed clubs like AC Sparta Prague and West Ham United F.C offered us a thrilling opportunity to integrate our wearable devices into their youth teams. These clubs boasted some of the finest youth sectors and staff in the industry, providing a rich ground for cooperative engagement and knowledge exchange on player development. This addressed the challenge of a data deficit in leagues that were often overlooked in favour of elite players and professionals. Through active feedback and collaboration, we aimed to leverage data to promote a more inclusive and meritocratic sport environment, fostering player growth and data-driven development.

Driving Football Innovation

Our role as the official Main SportsTech Partner for the CEE Cup was a testament to our commitment to advancing the sport through data-driven innovation. During the CEE Cup, players utilized XSEED, our smart shinguards, to gain both technical and athletic data. These invaluable insights empowered the players to focus on specific areas for improvement and elevated their abilities to new heights. Furthermore, we provided data-related reports that contributed to elevating the performance of players and enhancing the availability of objective data in the youth football world.

Importance of XSEED in the Realm of Football

Our advanced wearable device is meticulously designed to collect technical and athletic development for both teams and individual athletes. With XSEED, coaches and players gain immediate, in-depth insights into performance, enabling targeted improvement and efficient resource usage. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in all key areas, Soccerment empowers talent discovery, recruitment, and player’s match analysis.

According to Aldo Comi, CEO and Co-Founder of Soccerment, integrating AI into the game opens up endless possibilities both on and off the field. “From talent discovery and recruitment to match analysis and game strategy, as well as ensuring the health and well-being of players, AI is starting to play a pivotal role.” 

Additionally, data holds a crucial role in player development. With a data-driven approach, coaches and players are empowered to make informed decisions, leading to more effective development strategies and unlocking the full potential of every athlete. Soccerment’s mission to accelerate data adoption in football, fostering a meritocratic, inclusive, and economically sustainable environment is exemplified through XSEED. With objective data-driven insights, XSEED eliminates biases, levelling the playing field for all athletes.



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